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 What are we about ?

旧スタジオMany foreign citizens suffered as a result of the Great Hanshin
Earthquake. Soon after the earthquake hit, the Radio FMYY was
developed. FMYY was established by the various abilities of citizens
from Kobe City’s Nagata Ward as a tool to provide multi-lingual
disaster information and to be a forum for community activities.
FMYY broadcasts in 10 different languages to the local community
and is one of many NGOs that joined together in a single community
structure named Takatori
Community Center

 Remarks by Junichi Hibino,
 Representative of FMYY

FMYY acts as a bridge between the minority communities and the non-minority
elite. Local non-minority elites (such as local politicians) listen to
FMYY. Thus, we work as an agent for the voices of the minority community
to be heard by those in political power. Our values ensure that we provide
information for the local community rather than entertainment. Furthermore,
we uphold our citizen-based approach to represent foreigners, activists,
minorities and people with disabilities.


Principles and Goals of FMYY

  • To provide a medium for minority support that extends to both
    the local and international community. This entails connecting
    majority communities with minority communities.
  • To provide outreach and a medium for self expression to local
    minority youth.
  • To create a new community where people who speak different languages
    and experience different cultures, races, and nationalities may
    live together as equals.
  • To advocate non-discrimination on the basis of race, life obstacles,
    sex, sexual preference or religion
  • To advocate for and promote human rights
  • To promote community civic and cultural initiatives
  • To support the prevention and aftermath of natural disasters