Starting a New Way of Life

This is a summary of the ‘Practicing “New Lifestyle”’ issued by the Japanese government.

Read on for ways you can take care in your daily life to avoid spreading COVID-19.

Refer to the points below on how to stop the spread of/avoid infection.

(*Details may vary according to changes in circumstances in the future.)

➀ Important points for stopping the spread of infections


1、 Keep your distance from others.

Stay 2 meters away!

2、Wear a mask.

Even when you’re not sick!
*Remove your mask when hot to avoid heat stroke. (When outdoors and not close to others)

3、Wash your hands and face as soon as you return home.

Wash hands for about 30 seconds with soap.

4、Follow coughing manners.

*Coughing manners: Cover mouth/nose when coughing/sneezing using mask, handkerchief, tissue, or sleeve.

5、 Keep rooms well ventilated.

*Ventilate rooms from time to time even when using air-conditioning.

6、The following three points should not occur at once.

・Large number of people
・People in close quarters
・Ventilation not possible


➁  Things to take care of when going out.


Do not leave your home when feeling unwell.

Do not travel far when COVID-19 cases are increasing in your local area.

Do not travel to areas where COVID-19 cases are increasing.

Make a note of where you go/who you meet. (In order to pinpoint the cause if you become infected)

Use the ‘Contact-confirming application (COCOA)’. (This app tells you if you have been in close contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19.)


➂ What to do in times such as…?


〇When going shopping
・Go to the store alone or with one other person at non-peak times.
・Use electronic money rather than cash.
・Decide on what you want to buy before you go to the store, and leave as soon as you finish shopping.
・Do not touch products unnecessarily.
・Keep your distance when queuing to pay.
・Use online shopping.
〇When playing sports and socializing

・Go to the park during non-peak times. Use spots where there are few people.
・Go jogging alone or with one other person.
・Keep your distance when passing by others.
・Make reservations when going to restaurants etc.
・Do not stay in small rooms for extended periods of time.
・Use videos to exercise at home.
・Keep your distance when singing or cheering.
 (Watch concerts and sports online.)

〇When taking a train/bus
・Avoid unnecessary conversation.
・Avoid using public transport during peak times.
〇When eating meals
・Choose take-outs or delivery (have meals delivered to your home) options.
・Do not share dishes.
・Sit alongside others, and avoid facing others while eating.
・Avoid unnecessary conversation.
・Do not share cups etc.
〇When working
・Work remotely, and reduce the number of people at the office.
・Adjust times of travel to and from the office. (Avoid taking the train during rush hour.)
・Keep your distance from others at the office.
・Have meetings online.
・Wear a mask when having face-to-face meetings, and ventilate the room.



Example of Practicing “New Lifestyle” (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare / Japanese)
Example of Practicing “New Lifestyle” (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare / Simple Japanese)