Major Activities

First web casting community radio station in Japan (1998)

Support for areas that experience
natural disasters such as Iran (1997), Taiwan (1999), Hyogo
Prefecture (2004), and Niigata (2004)

Station messages broadcasted in advocacy and support of the international community such as:

  • Helping Yugoslavian community radio station, B92 (Belgrade92) (1998)
  • Discussion surrounding the four Japanese kidnapped in Iraq (2004)
  • Raising minority opportunity and positions in society (2005)
  • Memorial events to commemorate the Great Hanshin Earthquake
  • Helping the public understand the Japanese National Constitution(2007)

Live Broadcasting relayed from Ainu radio station FM Pipaushi (2006)

Joined AMARC(World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters)as an affiliate (2006)

Production of Waiwai TV Minority citizens video project

Cooperates with the regional government and community organizations to promote local development


FMYY puts forth special efforts to involve minority citizens in leadership
positions and support them in continuing with their programs. – Broadcasts
in 10 languages with the purpose that minority citizens may express
themselves in their native language: Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish,
Tagalog, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Thai and Ainu

[Program Priorities]

A. Highest – (Receive full funding from FMYY and are granted the top schedule slots)

  • To broadcast and produce programs
    in collaboration with local foreign residents and FMYY staff
  • To broadcast and produce programs
    in collaboration with minority citizens and FMYY staff
  • To broadcast informational programs
    in foreign languages or basic Japanese
  • To broadcast programs that advocate
    and promote human rights
  • To broadcast programs
    that promote multi-culturalism and cultural diversity
B. High – (Receive funding from available FMYY resources. However, funding
is preferably supported by the producing organization.)

  • 6. To broadcast
    programs by or related to NPO/NGOs
  • 7. To broadcast
    programs that promote local community building
  • 8. To broadcast
    programs that benefit local youth
  • 9. To broadcast
    programs that spread information about local cultural events
C. Medium – (No funding is
provided by FMYY. Must pay a broadcasting fee that is in some cases

  • 10. To broadcast programs by unrelated
  • 11. To broadcast
    programs that promote local community building
  • 12. To broadcast
    programs by the local government
  • 13. To broadcast
    programs by local businesses
  • 14. To broadcast
    commercial programs