KOBE bridging JAPAN & AFRICA through ICT

On the first and second Saturdays (3rd and 10th March) from 4pm to 4:30 in Japanese and from 4:30 to 5pm in English, KIC students from Africa share their stories about what has surprised them once in Kobe, Japan, what they have found out through their life there, and other things they found intriguing and mind-blowing in Kobe or in Japan in general.



今月のアフリカからの留学生は、写真の左の方がルワンダ共和國からのガブリエルさん(BAZIRAMWABO Gabriel)、そして右の方が南スーダン共和国からのワニさん(WANI, Nicholas Paul)です。
In this month, our guest students from KIC are Mr. BAZIRAMWABO Gabriel (on the left of the photo) from the Republic of Rwanda and Mr. WANI, Nicholas Paul (on the right of the photo) from Republic of Sudan.

On March program , in addition to studying by guest students, we talk about the culture of each country, such as the names often attached to children.

And they are talking about research on the theme “Software that children of Rwanda learn programming using local language“ and “Using ICT for improving agriculture in South Sudan” which is being addressed at the graduate school.

パーソナリティは、センダ先生(右側:コンゴ出身 京都大学大学院を卒業、建築家)
Our regular personalities, Prof. Nsenda (Architect originally from Democratic Republic of Congo and graduated from Kyoto university graduate school)

our regular personalities, Ms. Funayama (Left photo: Having worked in multiple African countries)

ルワンダ共和国 (在日本ルワンダ大使館)
南スーダン共和国 (在日本 南スーダン共和国の大使館はありません)

ICTで課題解決できる高度な人材を育成 – 神戸情報大学院大学

神戸市とルワンダ・キガリ市の経済・交流連携協定 締結
Japan (Official guide)
Kobe city in Japan
Graduate School of Information Technology Kobe Institute of Computing

Kobe Institute of Computing | ICT school

いつものように地域の食堂に行きました!After recording we went to loacal dining near FMYY.

今回はたこ焼きと串カツ屋さん。どちらも初めての食事だそうです。This time we had AKASHIYAKI Octopus dumplings & KUSHI-KATSU a Japanese dish of deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables. Both of tease IAMANESE dishes First experience for them.