Temporary Living Support Project ‘Ichiji Seikatsu Shien Jigyo’ (Including Housing Support)


~Food, clothing, and shelter provided to those with nowhere to live~

Those who do not have somewhere to live, or those who have been living in unstable conditions such as at internet cafes etc. can receive food, clothing, and somewhere to stay for a certain period of time.
Such people can also avail of supports such as housing and employment assistance afterwards.

Non Japanese nationals can also avail of these supports as long as they have a ‘Status of Residence’.

Those with an income and assets below a certain level, who are struggling with daily living and have nowhere to live
 →Food, shelter, and a place to stay will be provided for a certain period of time (3 months in principle).
  Those who avail of this can also be connected to support for finding employment.

Some municipalities do not have this ‘Temporary Living Support Project’ (Ichiji Seikatsu Shien Jigyo). You cannot avail of the project in such a municipality.

Please call the ‘self-reliance consultation support service’ (Jiritsu Soudan Shien Kikan) where you live to enquire about how to apply.
Please read here for more.(https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/000614516.pdf)*Japanese only

If you are unsure, please ask your local ward office.

Please share on the telephone that you would like to avail of the ‘Temporary Living Support Project’ (Ichiji Seikatsu Shien Jigyo).

“Ichiji Seikatsu Shien Jigyo wo tsukaitai desu” i.e. I would like to avail of the ‘Temporary Living Support Project’ (Ichiji Seikatsu Shien Jigyo).


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