GLOBAL ECO TAIK SHOW 8月はアブジャ大の日本語コース

Global Eco Talk Show @ FMYY radio —Episode 74
August 26 Sat. 8月26日土曜日18時から18時半(日本時間)
◆Interviewer in Nigeria: Dr Adeyemi Gabriel
Version: Japanese, English

For Japan festival at Abuja university at Japan Embassy meeting (left side Dr. Gabriel F. Adeyemi a next woman Ms.Hideko Nagashima.)
Welcome to the Global Eco-talk show today. This show is held in Kobe Japan. Our topic for this month is “What is so Good About Japan?” Our SWACIA team has been communicating with Nigerian children who are studying Japanese language to the Fountain Primary school located in Abuja, Nigeria where Japanese language classes were offered for the very first time in the entire Nigeria. John Samuel Onwukwe has been teaching there. Our team was also invited to teach Japanese language course in Abuja University. Dr. Gabriel F. Adeyemi has worked very hard to persuade the Vice-chancellor in the University. Yes, isn’t it a good news? But Why? Let us find more about it!
Today is the August 26th, 2017, I, Hideko Nagashima will lead this show.

グローバルエコトークショーをお聴きくださり、まことにありがとうございます。このラジオショーは神戸FMYYより放送されています。本日のテーマは、「日本のどこがそんなにいいの?」です。私たちSWACIAのチームは、ナイジェリア、アブジャにある『ファウンテン小学校』を訪れ、まさにナイジェリア全土で初めて日本語を勉強することになった学校の子供たちと交流しました。そこでは私たちのチーム、ジョン・サミュエル・オンウクウェが日本語を教えています。アブジャ大学でも日本語コース設立のため、SWACIAは大学へ招待されました。 その大学で日本語をコースの設立発端者はガブリエル・アデヤミ博士です。

Japan Embassy visits Abuja university.(the center parson of this line)
Japanese festival at Abuja university. the embassy speach.

It is almost the time to end the show. Thank you for joining us today.
We hope that children in Nigeria improve their Japanese language skills so that we can communicate with them better and better.

We SWACIA have strived for safety and happiness of women and children all over in Africa especially, helping women and children to acquire skill acquisitions. We thank you everyone for listening to the Global Eco Talk Show.
See you next time. Stay tuned!  from Hideko Nagashima at NewYork