KOBE Bridging JAPAN & AFRICA through ICT vol.18 in ENGLISH

The first half was to be aired on the first and second Saturdays in November (3rd and 10th), and on this month the latter half on the same days in December (1st and 8th) from 4pm in Japanese and from 4:30 in English, each for 30 mins.

Our topic is “Africa Today,” and our personalities discuss about various things surrounding contemporary Africa with several guests interested in Africa.
We’d be delighted if this could serve as an opportunity to get more Japanese people interested in Africa, which is not very familiar to many of us in our everyday lives, if only a little.
You could refer to the written material prepared by Prof. Nsenda herewith attached.
You are with our regular personalities, Ms. Funayama (In charge of KIC’s project in Rwanda. Having worked in multiple African countries) and Prof. Nsenda (Architect originally from Democratic Republic of Congo and graduated from Osaka university graduate school).
Last not but least, we invite our listeners to offer messages.
We’d be grateful if you could share your thoughts or opinions about our programs to FMYY.
Prof.Nsenda is hosting 「AFRICA meets 関西」http://afrikameetskansai.org/