KOBE bridging JAPAN & AFRICA through ICT vol.21 in ENGLISH

This program “KOBE bridging AFRICA through ICT is broadcasting on the first and second Saturdays (6th and 13th October) from 4pm to 4:30 in Japanese and from 4:30 to 5pm in English. KIC students from Africa share their stories about what has surprised them once in Kobe, Japan, what they have found out through their life there, and other things they found intriguing and mind-blowing in Kobe or in Japan in general.

Senda sensei (right side : Graduated from Osaka graduate school of Osaka graduate, architect)is main Personality.

Co-Personality is Funayama,she is Project Manager of Kobe Information Graduate School University ( side: Participating in NGO activities etc. in Africa etc.)

Today’s guest is Mr. Hasen Keder Edris who works as an African Liaison officer at Kobe City Hall.
He graduated from KIC two years ago and is probably working as the first local citizen of African nationality in Japan.
He also mentions his experience of working at the Kobe City Hall so far. He also talks about what Kobe City is expecting in the future regarding human resource development projects in Rwanda.

As usual we went to the restaurant for discuss various things.Today restaurant Italian cafe neaby FMYY.