KOBE bridging JAPAN & AFRICA through ICT vol.5 in ENGLISH

On the first and second Saturdays (4th November and 11th November) from 4pm to 4:30 in Japanese and from 4:30 to 5pm in English, KIC students from Africa share their stories about what has surprised them once in Kobe, Japan, what they have found out through their life there, and other things they found intriguing and mind-blowing in Kobe or in Japan in general.

Today’s students experienced in Japan for a year and a month. In this time, they have also talked about internship at Meiwa Industry in Kanazawa City((Manufacturer of equipment to make carbonized fertilizer etc from organic waste etc), and the Nishiyama Brewery (Japanese rice wine “Sake”) in Fukuchiyama city .
In our November program, our guest students from KIC are Mr. IYAMUREMYE, Blake(on the right of the photo) from the Republic of Rwanda and Mr. MACANDA, Zizipho (on the left of the photo) from the Republic of South Africa.They are with our regular personalities, Ms. Funayama (Left photo: Having worked in multiple African countries) and Prof. Nsenda (Architect originally from Democratic Republic of Congo and graduated from Osaka university graduate school).
  The students also introduce their projects to solve social issues in their home countries through ICT (Information and Communication Technology) that they have been working on at KIC as part of their Master’s course.
Japan (Official guide) https://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/ Kobe city in Japan http://plus.feel-kobe.jp/ Graduate School of Information Technology Kobe Institute of Computing https://www.kic.ac.jp/en/