For Foreign Women Residents in Japan

AWEP (Asian Women’s Empowerment Project) aims to empower women. We work together with foreigners living in Japan, also. We have free consultation and information services for foreign women living in Kobe and other neighboring cities.

Tips and Info from AWEP is a mobile information service sent out once or twice a month to your mobile e-mail address in easy Japanese and in English.

  • Consultation Services
  • Information Delivery Service: Tips and Info from AWEP

Consultation Services

Telephone counseling:

We accept telephone consultations from foreign women living in Japan about legal and other issues of life in general.
Don’t hesitate to call us when you have questions or want information.

  • Telephone number: 078-734-3633
  • Days: Wednesdays (11:00 a.m. –16:00 p.m.)
  • Available languages: Japanese and English

*Contact us in case you want to come and have a face-to-face consultation or want to consult in another language.

せいかつ で こまったこと や、しりたい こと について、
AWEP に そうだん できます。
ひみつ は ぜったい に まもります。あんしん して そうだん して ください。
ちいさな ことでも なんでも そうだん してください。

  • でんわ:078-734-3633
  • じかん:すいようび 11:00 am.〜4:00 pm.
  • ことば:えいご、にほんご

Information Delivery Service(“Anshin Tsushin”): Tips and Info from AWEP

“Tips and Info from AWEP” sent twice a month to your email address

We send out practical and useful information for foreign women living in Japan in easy Japanese and English via email.

If you would like to register your email address to receive the AWEP information service, please click the button below.

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    えいご と やさしい にほんご で つたえます。

    The guidelines of Information Delivery Service


    AWEP “Anshin Tsushin” on Internet radio FM YY

    AWEP  e-mails useful information for foreign residents once or twice a month to registered recipients. The information is written in easy Japanese and English.
    You can also listen to our “Tips and Info” on your cell phones or computers. If many people listen to it, local Japanese people can also get ideas of what kind of information foreign residents need. We aim to create a society where residents can get to know, understand, and connect with each other regardless of their nationalities.


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