Governor’s Message to Hyogo citizens and Hyogo-based business operators:

Avoid actions with high risk of COVID-19 infections! einglish_1028-1

Hyogo Prefecture had been in the COVID-19 “infection alert” phase for almost two months since September 1, with the daily number of confirmed cases remaining at around 15. However, due to reasons such as clusters of infections, the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 20 for the seven-day moving average on October 28, indicating that we have entered into a higher phase, the “infection rising” phase.
When a new case is confirmed in Hyogo Prefecture, we identify the extent of suspected infections and provide PCR Tests promptly and extensively to close contacts and those around them to contain secondary infections.
The cause of these clusters is currently under investigation, but we suspect that it is due to dining and drinking in groups/for long hours.
The following actions have a higher risk of infections, so please take extra caution to avoid them.
1. Attending drinking parties
2. Dining and drinking in groups or for long hours
3. Having conversations without face masks

I would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation on the following:
[To Hyogo citizens]
– Avoid visiting facilities with higher risks of infections that do not implement infection prevention measures based on each industry’s guidelines (in particular, eating and drinking establishments serving alcohol and/or providing individual customer services and karaoke parlors), and refrain from dining and drinking in groups or for long hours. Young people should pay extra caution. Avoid speaking loudly and sharing glasses and eating utensils.
– Be sure to follow the “Hyogo Style” that includes avoiding the Three Cs (confined spaces, crowded places, and close contact). In particular, you must wear face masks when talking with someone in close proximity or riding cars or buses.
– When you participate in seasonal events, etc. that attract many people, be sure to implement proper infection prevention measures, such as maintaining a proper distance from others, sanitizing your hands, and refraining from speaking loudly.
– Please utilize the COVID-19 Contact Confirmation Application “COCOA” and the “Hyogo new coronavirus tracing system.”
[To Hyogo-based business operators]
– Please thoroughly practice infection prevention measures based on each industry’s guidelines and put up the “infection control poster” indicating that your facility is taking proper measures.
– Avoid the Three Cs in workplaces and dormitories, including rest areas, smoking areas, and changing rooms.
– We once again request the implementation of thorough infection prevention measures at medical institutions and social welfare facilities.
– Please register for the “Hyogo new coronavirus tracing system,” and then download and post the QR code on the tables and/or counters in your facility.
The infection mitigation depends on the efforts of each and every citizen and business operator of Hyogo, working together with the strong will of “Together We Prevent, Together We Fight against COVID-19.” Hence, I would like to ask all of you for your understanding and cooperation in order to prevent any further spread of infections.