Areas where we translate (2)

Here is a sample of the types of activities FACIL has been involved in until now. Please look at the kind of activities where FACIL has been effective.

Matters Regarding the Explanation and Introduction of Facilities

“We want to produce information guides in multiple foreign languages.” “We want to run audio announcements inside the premises.”

FACIL does not only do translation of written information in pamphlet and billboard form for public facilities and public transportation, but we also assist in the creation of audio announcements.

One of FACIL’s unique characteristics is that we are able to create media that crosses the boundaries of various genres.

  • Translation of public facility pamphlets into various languages.
  • The translation of public transport signage and the creation of loud-speaker announcements.
  • Translation of how to use guides/signs for public places like town libraries.
  • Translation of tourist information to be displayed on electronic hand-held devices.
  • Translation of maps for government buildings.
Matters Regarding Business and Industry

“We want to upgrade information material about our company that we consider important to attracting foreign business.”

FACIL can help upgrade your material necessary to helping you attract foreign business.

  • Translation of pamphlets that explain the town/city’s framework regarding the local medical industry.
  • Translation of documents and material for international business fairs.
Matters Regarding Specialist Fields

“I wonder if there is someone I can ask to translate manuals accurately and create attention grabbing advertising into foreign languages…?”

FACIL has a record of working with a variety of specialized fields.

  • Translating of medical course documents concerning the study of reductive and manipulative treatments and foreign techniques.
  • Translation of second-hand factory machines, second-hand cars and foreign business-related websites.
  • Translation of pamphlets that introduce export products.
  • Translation of material that introduces the manufacturers own merchandise.
  • Creation of subtitles and narrations for company public-relation videos and advertisement.
  • Creation of pamphlets that introduce civil society organizations and their activities.
  • Translation of restaurant menus.
  • Translation of hotel signs, pamphlets and service coupons.
  • Translation of written consent forms for those undergoing surgery at medical colleges.
  • Translation of manuals that explain how to operate the library search system’s interactive screens.
  • Translation of clock and watch operation instructions.
  • Creation and translation of invitations and programs celebrating the anniversary of the company’s foundation and leaflets that explain the meaning behind the anniversary memorabilia.
  • Translation of webpages belonging to large-scale business facilities.
  • Providing translations for art events.
  • Translations of signs and explanations for art exhibits on display at museums and learning facilities.
  • Translating seasonal greeting messages for businesses and their associates.
  • Translation of documents used in business meetings.
  • Providing translation of communications between ship-building companies and their foreign clients.
  • Translation of interviews for television programs.
  • Translation of advertising for enterprises, universities and retail businesses.
  • Sales promotions design.
  • Translation and copy-editing of theses, research papers and essays.
  • Translation of pamphlets that introduce the various schools and faculties within universities.
  • Translation of company employee contracts.
Matters Regarding Neighborhood Activities

“I want to put in a request for translations but can a translation services really help people like me at an individual level?”

If you think of how to entice tourists, English, Chinese and Korean come naturally to mind. But can you think other languages to which you can make your town more appealing?

  • Translation of court claims.
  • Translation of the materials necessary to claim a pension in a foreign country that people lived in for a long time.
  • Translation of qualification certificates for drivers licenses.
  • Translation of retail business flyers.
  • Translation and sending of greetings to potential homestay families.
  • Translation of death certificates of family members of foreign residents in Japan who have recently had a member of their family pass away in their homeland.
  • Translation of documents necessary to have deceased family members repatriated to Japan to be buried rather than having then buried overseas.
  • Translation of rental contracts.
  • Translation of business cards.