Subtitling, Narrations and Text-Insertion

Have you thought of adding subtitles in foreign languages to your marketing video?

We can help expand your business by adding foreign language subtitles to your marketing video that up until now you have only used to attract domestic clients.

We can add subtitles in a variety of foreign languages to your marketing videos so that you can raise the profile of your business overseas and help raise awareness of the merchandise that you wish to be sold overseas or to show off to potential foreign clients or investors.

FACIL uses a range of video editing software to add foreign language subtitles to your marketing videos including programs such as Final Cut Studio.

Have you ever thought of promoting your products on YouTube regardless of the language?

Have you thought about creating an original video to promote the products and services of your company?

We can post such videos on YouTube for you. We can help you run a promotional campaign which can reach a large number of web-users.

YouTube attracts a large audience of web-users on a daily basis. We can help you run a video promotional campaign by producing quality marketing videos and uploading them onto YouTube for you.

Compared with most video production companies we can help create marketing videos for a reasonable price. Please feel free to talk with us about how we can help you.