Dispatching Interpreters

From international conferences and business negotiations to community interactions with local schools and medical institutions; FACIL links all places of the world with language.

Simultaneous verbal interpretation, consecutive verbal interpretation, whispered verbal interpretation…. There are in fact many different styles of verbal interpretation even though we all brand them with the same word, ‘interpretation’. Purpose, contents, condition, dimension, etc, there are different types of verbal interpretation available depending on the conditions in which the client wants to use them.

“This is the first time I have ever needed an interpreter!”
“What kind of interpreter can we get on this budget!?”

No need to worry.
FACIL can find the most appropriate interpreter for you.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Verbal Interpretation starts almost as soon as the speaker starts talking. Specialist equipment is used so that the listeners can hear the interpretation through earphones. In this case, one will need many highly skilled interpreters to carry this out. Generally, you use this type of interpreting style when time is limited and there are a large number of people. One must be willing to have a large budget prepared because of the large space and specialist equipment needed to pull this style off successfully.


Consecutive Interpreting

The speaker says a few lines or a paragraph and then takes a short break, the interpreter then takes their turn to translate what the speaker just said. In short, interpretation occurs in consecutive turns. Special equipment is not particularly needed, however this style of interpretation requires more time then the style mentioned above. Its best to use this style in small-scale meetings and in cases where wants to make a certain level of progression at the gathering.


Whispering (Chuchotage)

This style is used when there are only a few speakers. Interpretation is carried out by whispering directly into the listeners ears. Interpretation can either occur simultaneously or in consecutive turns. (This is the type of interpretation that is often seen on television interviews.)


Escort Interpreting

Accompanying verbal interpretation style is used when interpretation occurs while in the midst of moving between multiple places. This style is based on the turn-based interpretation style where the interpreter and the speaker take it in turns to speak. This style is primarily used in cases where a foreign delegation has visited for the purposes of observation or fieldwork. Fees vary depending on the desired number of days and tour time. Please contact us for further information regarding fees for this style of interpretation service.


FACIL can dispatch an interpreter who can provide you with a sightseeing tour in your language.

通訳場面Licensed guide is not only proficient in foreign language but is also a professional tour guide who is familiar with Japanese culture and history. In Japan, only a licensed guide with national qualification is allowed to provide a sightseeing tour in certain languages. With FACIL, the licensed guide can suggest you with a tour route based on your requests before going on a tour (especially, a tour on disaster prevention or architecture is popular with our clients and visitors). Warm and hospitable interpreter will take you on satisfying sightseeing tours. FACIL will dispatch a licensed guide even if you have already prepared a Japanese guide. The licensed guide will tag along and translate a few lines or paragraph consecutively after the Japanese guide.