FACIL’s Noticeable Archievements

Main Translation/Interpretation Activities

Date Name of the Project Client Language
1999/6/23 Living in Japan guidebook translation (Himeji city) Private Sector Vietnamese
1999/7/1 “Special Exhibition” pamphlet translation Private Financial Group English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian
1999/7/9 Official Sports Rules Private Financial Group Spanish
1999/8/31 Guide and documents for a Pro-coexistence Association Hyogo Prefecture Spanish
2000/1/1 Information concerning preventative vaccines (Kobe city) Kobe city Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Portuguese and Thai
2000/2/8 Conference material translation and on-the-spot interpretation for conferences Hyogo Prefecture Spanish
2000/3/31 Preventative vaccines and medical questionnaire (Kobe city) Kobe city English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog and Thai
2000/5/12 Booklet to explain how to dispose of household waste. Private Chinese (simplified)
2000/6/27 Booklet to explain how to dispose of household waste. Private English
2000/7/26 Dispatching Language Tutors Private Financial Group Tagalog and Portuguese
2000/9/11 Translating, translation coordinating, typing up of articles and organizing the building of a network of translators for multilingual lifestyle information magazine “East West South North.” Civil Organization English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Tagalog, Portuguese and Japanese
2000/10/1 Guidebook translation (Kobe city) Kobe International Community Centre Portuguese and Vietnamese
2000/10/17 Translation of work-sharing guidelines Hyogo Prefecture English
2000/11/7 Translation of the transcribed materials from a conference Hyogo Prefecture Spanish
2000/12/22 Guidebook for going into hospital in Japan Civil Organization Vietnamese