Translator Profiles

Many of the staff here at FACIL are professional translators. Let us introduce you to some of our staff.

Helping Communicate Valuable Information

Naomi Fujito

写真More often than not you will find that even if you translate directly word for word, a lot of information still remains lost in translation. As the person responsible for Spanish-Japanese language translation at FACIL, I make it my personal mission to not simply translate material directly but also ensure that I translate in a way that is most appropriate to the cultural and traditional needs of the target audience. Translation may not be a glamorous profession but I always feel a sense of pride upon seeing my name at the end of the piece I just translated. For me, my profession is like an art. Sometimes a piece that I have just translated ends up being published on the internet. It gives me pleasure to know that there is a possibility that someone out there in the Spanish-speaking world, possibly a family member or someone I know, might stumble upon my translation and read it. It is moments like these that make me really enjoy what I do here at FACIL.

PROFILE:   Japanese-Spanish language translator. Born in Paraguay. Supporter of the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education Multicultural Children’s Centre. Medical Translation. Language instructor for the Hyogo Prefectural Police Department. Often responsible for providing translations of various medical and government procedures, living in Japan guides, information concerning education and much more.

Brazilian – Portuguese Monica Nonaka (From the Federative Republic of Brazil)
Portuguese Language Radio DJ, Translator Guide
Chinese (Simplified) Yasuko Tsukawa (From Japan)
National Translator Guide Certificate
Xie Pei Rong (From the Peoples Republic of China)
FM YY DJ for the “Hanagoe” Chinese language radio program
Chinese (Traditional) Yōhei Nakai (From Japan)
Teacher of Traditional Chinese, Court Interpreter
Vietnamese Ha Thi Thanh Nga (From Vietnam)
President of the Vietnamese Citizens Association
Khmer Hor Sovathana (From the Kingdom of Cambodia)
Graduate from the Ottawa University Department of Economics, Canada.
Master and Doctoral Postgraduate from the Kobe University Graduate School of Business Administration, Japan.
German Sasscha Klinger (From Dresden, Germany)
Graduate from the Free University of Berlin
Masters Postgraduate from the Free University of Berlin (Japanese Studies and Anthropology)
Member of the Miyazaki City International Association (since August 2009~ )
*Works as a volunteer translator at FACIL
Thai Pongtanalert Kritinee (From the Kingdom of Thailand)
Russian Volodymyr Mygdaskyy (From Odessa, Ukraine)
Doctoral Postgraduate in Information at Kyoto University
Presently a part-time lecturer at the Doshisha University Faculty of Law
Holds a Level 1 Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate
Freelance Dispatch/Stay at home Translator (Russian, Ukrainian, English)
Kyoto International Community House Russian language Counsellor and Court translator, etc
Sinhalese Nilani Morioka (From Sri Lanka)
Portuguese language Radio DJ, Translator Guide
Indonesian Diah Fujimoto(From the Republic of Indonesia)
Supporter of the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education Multicultural Children’s Centre.
Indonesian Language Instructor (Kobe Cross-Cultural Centre, etc)
Involved in Kobe Indonesia Exchange Student Association activities
English Bernard Farrell (From the Republic of Ireland)
English Language Cram School Teacher