Translation/Interpretation Rates

Guide to Written Translation

1draft page
Regular Rate (we call this ‘1 unit’): 300 words or 700~800 Asian characters
(approximately one A4 page size).
  • The level of difficulty of the contents of the draft is determined by the standard of language used in everyday newspapers.
  • Separate fees are charged to look up and confirm specialized words and contents in the case where translation of specialized fields is employed.
1ユニットにつき8400円Japanese arrow English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean, Tagalog, Spain, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian, German, French, Indonesian

Written Translation of Official Documents and Certificates

  • Particularly for migrants and their families, there are a lot of documents that one needs in order to live in Japan. Moreover, many will need to have such important documents translated. We at FACIL have established a special translation rate in order to help alleviate some of the burden that many of the migrant residents living in our area face.
  • The types of documents that FACIL translates for migrant residents include important documents such as Certificates of Residence, Birth Certificates, Marriage and Relationship Certificates, etc.
tabJapanese arrow English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesia, Vietnamese
    3150円~ 1枚目のみ3650円 原稿1枚につき